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Edmonton, AB
reply to monkeyyy

Re: telus network screwed! details inside!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but just because one site says the IP is in Manitoba, doesn't mean that the gear is actually there. The reason it is showing as such, is that the only geo-data for the IP the site has is that it is in Canada, thus it automatically places it in the geographic center of Canada.

The only way to know where the device that IP represents is if Telus updates their geo-data for it, or if someone with knowledge of this device mentions the location.The first might take some time, and I doubt the second will happen.


Dude, I called TELUS tech yesterday. Technicasl~ Not agents or customer service. They confirmed that. All my information from my results are proved by TELUS technicals

reply to TiberiusX
And also the 2 gears.
Canada (Ontario)
Canada (Vancouver)

Both of the two's packet loss are 100%

They are close by TELUS side. And they didn't tell me why they close the two bridges. It is like we are cut from the best way out.

Please realize that

reply to TiberiusX
And also. If u r working for TELUS, please please do something rather than question about my info. Being a TELUS customer for three years. This did happen before. But not like this time. Why I got 45 ping to an Chicago server 2 months ago, but, now it is 90? It is doubled for no reason? I don't think so.

reply to TiberiusX
And what I see here is the major jump of the ping is from to Do the math, 90-44= 46.

46 is the ping I should get two month ago.
I think now u see the picture here.
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