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Sandy, UT
reply to Suntop

Re: Samsung

And those companies are welcome to file suit aganist Apple if they feel they have a case. "Stealing" (quoted because I'm not saying they did) is easy against someone who just came up with an idea. I can see a building and make one of my own based on what I saw... this might not be "stealing". It's up to the building owner/designer to prove that something was "stolen".

So saying someone "stole" from someone else is all fine and good... but it's not really saying anything without context. In this case you are throwing in a lot of different things all together and many things that are not related. Xerox/PARC is about the a GUI on desktop computers. Job then claimed that he asked to use it but Gates "stole" it as he did not even ask. Truth is, neither stole it as you claim. To be accurate, they did not invent the GUI that they used.

But again... nothing to do with this.