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Re: [Exede] Exede and DSL

said by bobvick:

I am thinking about getting Exede since the fastest DSL speed that I can get is 4.0/512 in my area. I want to keep the DSL to use when I need to download big files, but mainly to have for when I want to do streaming (Roku, Netflix, etc..) and for my DirecTV on demand.
I would like to use the Exede for general internet surfing and downloading smaller files, basically use it on just my computers and tablet devices.
I was wondering if anyone knows how I could go about connecting both the DSL and Exede together with a dual wan router and then send that one connection to a wireless router.
I want to be able to have one network, with two connections to the internet, but I need to be able to tell the router to only allow certain traffic on the Exede connection and the high data usage traffic to the DSL connection.
Does anyone here have any advice on how I might be able to do this?
Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

We have 4.0M/640K DSL in the office and also an Exede unit. IMHO you should just keep the DSL. The additional speed that you get from Exede is countered by the latency so the DSL actually is faster for everything except downloading large files or streaming, which are things you can't really do with Exede anyway because of the caps.