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[EvDO] Just got my 2.4ghz Parabolic Grid Antenna - questions

**EDIT** [Thanks guys, yep have read pretty much all of the information on EVDOTips its what lead me to this purchase in the first place. Going to try posting it in the forum you suggested]

My set up:
- 2.4ghz Parabolic Grid Antenna (N/Fem)
- 20ft LMR400 N/Male
- N/Fem:FME/Fem connector + Pigtail

I currently have my 2.4ghz Parabolic Grid antenna set up in a trial run indoors, facing towards the tower out of my window. The tower is about 1.8-2 miles away. The line of sight is obstructed by forest.

After adjusting it I can get a signal of around -96 to -97 (occasionally hit -94 but only for a second or two)

However the connection doesn't seem solid, it can jump from -96 to -102 every few seconds. I also notice I occasionally get a lag spike around 1000-2000 every minute or so while pinging google.

Testing it with online games makes it extremely laggy in game as well. When I don't use the antenna I can play the game fine with no lag spikes.

Without the antenna I get around -108 to -110 signal but it is much more stable than with the antenna hooked up.

Anyone else experience similar issues with this set up?

I am planning to mount it outside on the roof above this window -- Could a window (double glass) can really cause such issues with performance with this antenna? I haven't been able to deploy it outside to test due to bad weather.

Here is a shot of testing set up I am doing with the antenna; »i.imgur.com/cefdK.jpg
Thanks for any information and time you have to offer, have a good one.


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..

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you may want to post this in the Millenicom forum : »Millenicom

Lots of folks there familiar with your setup.

Are you using Sprint?

And yes, your grid has the proper orientation.
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


Kansas City
reply to boondockEVDO

It looks to be ok in your photo. For vertical polarization the feed and grid need to be orientation vertical.
Jim has a lot of good info about the grid antenna: »evdotips.blogspot.com/2009/01/as···nna.html