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...Blown On The Steel Breeze
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reply to Lex Luthor

Re: [NFL] DSLR Sports Chat NFL Suicide Poll 2012 - Week 05

said by Lex Luthor:

said by rockotman:

Geez, what a bunch of whiny little bastages!

I don't like the PM idea at all, so that ain't happening. Capiche?

But I kind of like footballdude See Profile's idea.

So when it gets down to two remaining players, if they both want to pick the same team, then that pick gets eliminated for the week, and the two pick again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

If after four picks, they each have the same selections, then they post a point total for the game.

If that number is the same, them screw 'em. There is no winner, and they can be ostracized by the rest of yin'z for being pricks.

Don't like this idea without the PM. The 2nd poster gets to decide if they want to force a re-pick or pick someone else. The person who posts 1st has no control over that scenario.

Oh well... too bad. For once the late bird gets the worm.

And infinite shit from his co-players.
Shine on you crazy diamond...