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La Vergne, TN

[Signals] Options, what to do?

Ok in my office I have a dedicated leg for my cable modem. Straight to the modem, my signal levels average around -1 to -4 db downstream with 4 channels bonded. Pushing around 51-52db upstream with 3 channels bonded.

I need to add a comcast dvr to the same room/leg. No option for another line to the room.

Using a 2 way splitter will drop downstream to around -4 to -8db and similar upstream as stated above.

Adding a 10db amp pushes downstream signal to around +4 to +6 with many many uncorrectable errors and similar upstream as above.

Using a 3 way splitter with 1 leg capped, makes downstream signals around +1 to +3db with hardly any errors, but lowers upstream to 57db and only 1 stream, instead of 3 streams.

So which option should I go with- which would be best? Speed stays consistent in all options: around 36 down, and 6 up (Blast service).

Everything using quality cabling, connectors, and splitters, mostly comcast provided. Amp used is an RCA DT100M.

Thanks for the help!

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
ummmm you know adding a splitter raises your upstream right?

so adding the 2 way pushes your upstream to beyond max transmit, you wont see it, but the CMTS does.

i would say get comcast out to fix your high upstream, then it wont matter what you do to the line, or have them do it when they are out.
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Stuarts Draft, VA
reply to R32Raines
As stated above, you need to have a tech out to adjust your signal. Your upstream will cause issues even without splitters installed.