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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
reply to DougFromLI

Re: [OOL] OOL/Hostway DDNS Application Yields Run-time Error 13

said by DougFromLI :

Joe, it's a great idea to try, but I am not at liberty to be re-installing W2K and re-installing all apps again. I have lots of custom registry entries for many of these apps too. I have backup copy of my server on another machine by virtue of a Norton backup image. I don't think there is any way that I could copy a W2K image on top of VMWare or Virtual PC. I'd be forced to effectively do a re-install of everything on top of VMWare or VPC. Kinda of a non-starter for me, but thanks for an excellent suggestion.

I am fairly positive you should be able to back it up and restore to VM. I just don't recall what software to use. Best to post this in Microsoft software forum if you want to pursue this further.


Oceanside, NY
·Optimum Online

Works and is free...

Still, I really doubt the OS has anything to do with the problem. I'll bet you have a disk or memory issue.. If the box is as old as the OS, that could be the problem.

Try at least running a scandisk and uninstall of the app and reinstall.

Failing that, run the app on the XP box you mentioned.... Same thing if it's on the same network!!


Norwalk, CT
Same exact problem here...
Windows 2000 box (older Dual-P3 1GHz CPU Motherboard), dedicated to running just BOINC and the DDNS app...

No problems with the hardware itself... (If there was, I'd think that BOINC would be throwing errors as well).

Windows XP isn't an option on this ancient hardware, so if the Hostway DDNS app is indeed no longer supported under Win2K, then I suppose going to some flavor of Linux (Ubuntu?) would be the only viable solution...
If You're Unsure, "RTFM"... If You're SURE, "RTFM" Anyway.


Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions. VMWare sounds intriguing, but no guarantee that it will fix problem - it actually probably will not, and not looking to test to see if my W2K "image" backup would be able to layer on top of it.

It is definitely an OS issue. I have a 2nd box which I hadn't turned on in a month, running Windows 2000 SP4 - and it's a different H/W platform from my other box - and the same problem is being exhibited. I believe that they must have made a change on the Hostway login servers that is causing a W2K 2000 Login protocol issue - hence, the "Runtime 13" error. This change happened in the last 7-10 days or so, and "glad" to see that another W2K user is seeing the same thing.

Although a work-around and not a direct solving of the problem, I think Sam's idea is great. Run DDNS app on an XP computer on my network, and just make sure that my port 80 (webserver) gets diverted to my W2K box via port routing (which it is set up to do currently anyway). Well, I tried a quick test of this this morning, and voila!, it works. I never would have thought of that. The only drawbacks to this are:

1) It doesn't solve actually problem
2) I need to keep XP box on at all times now (LIPA's gain, LOL)


Miller Place, NY
Further to last post, I did try to uninstall/reinstall DDNS app on the effected boxes, and this didn't resolve the problem at all.

The DDNS app V1.1.0 (their latest & greatest) hasn't changed since 2006, and it supported 98/Me/2000 at the time of software issuance.

Tursiops, if you have another box on your network running XP (or later), Sam's suggestion will work well. The DDNS memory footprint is only about 9,500K. I still have a case open with Hostway (Case # 15618341), and will still hound them for a solution. Perhaps you can call them and reference this Case #. Power in numbers.