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Seattle, WA
reply to Hank

Re: latest Frontier failure

said by Hank:

Cycholobo - The folks that are responding and stating that email is not the service being purchased don't live in our area. So they single out the email aspect only; could be because the have stock in Frontier or are employed by them. The do not put up with the same poor service those of us in this area of WV do.

So? We're still Frontier subscribers. Our service areas got bought out, just like yours did. Why does having a different opinion or even a different service experience mean that our stance is automatically suspect? I can't believe you don't understand how insulting it is to imply that when someone thinks a company is decent at what they do, that person has obviously been bribed.

In the FiOS areas of Washington, Frontier doesn't even advertise e-mail accounts. That said, of course Frontier has problems. We got our upstream speeds chopped with no warning and 15-30% price increases on Internet. Verizon had problems, and GTE before them had problems. My opinion (whoops, better check to make sure I haven't been paid for this opinion) is that Frontier has the same kinds of problems any other ISP has, but your frustration is compounded because you can't switch to another provider. Have you considered other outlets for your frustration, like trying to convince your city to build municipal broadband, assuming your state even allows that?

Frankly, no amount of complaining to Frontier or the FCC is going to do any good. Frontier has a good deal going by being the only carrier in the area and being protected by both law and geography. There aren't enough people in your area to make having multiple, competitive carriers worthwhile. Even if there were, large broadband providers have made sure that smaller or municipal providers can't even try to make a dent.

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
·Frontier Communi..

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Sorry, most of our area was not bought out. We are legacy Frontier customers. The reason you have a different opinion is because part of the agreement when the Verizon buyout occurred was that they would make improvements to those areas. Legacy customers in our area are not receiving the benefits of those improvements. Our service continues to degrade.

I do understand that it is insulting, but that was not the intent. So if you were insulted I do appologize. Likewise if you are receiving good service we are happy that you are. No one was accused of taking bribes. The entire point was that the statements by those from other areas have the misconception that the improvmeents are system wide. They are not, those of us in some of the legacy areas continue to have service degradation.