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Alpha Phoenix
Brooklyn, NY
reply to IanR

Re: Last Resort

said by IanR:

Some annoying flaws.
With strict Navy training the crew seem to act weirdly.
Why does the Captain shoot off torpedoes when the XO is in disagreement warning of the lives at stake. The the torpedo turns out to be a blank ,so it hamlessly hits the other 'friendly" sub as a warning. Now it's just stupid to add confict with the XO for no reason. Tell him upfront it's a blank. I guess it's a way the writers are trying to add drama, but it just looks plain daft!
SO I hope the writing improves.

Overall though the stroy appears to have maybe one season's life as they can hardly spend years being chased .

Could simply be to see how far he would follow him. Doesn't seem that far fetched. In a situation like that, you've gotta know who has your back, and how far they would go for you and follow you. Same with the rest of the crew.
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