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Re: Universal XSS in Opera

said by therube:

... It is more that you were "displayed" a page representative of Wikipedia's log-in page.
(And it probably works too?)

If it were Wikipedia, javascript:alert(document.domain) would have said so.

Your first sentence is correct. The red Opera badge does appear to the left of the Wikipedia "page" address (indicating it was not a webpage accessed in a normal browser manner). Frankly, I paid little attention to the Wiki "page" itself or any badging initially, in my eagerness to get your text entered correctly into the address box after it appeared, and because I was instead looking for some kind of Javascript alert box to appear - which it did, when I entered the text. Needless to say, I was looking for the wrong thing. (Not the first time... and probably not the last )

So... whatever you set up at tinyurl does create the appearance of a Wiki "page" in Opera, although Opera badges it as an internal-created browser display (the data URI behavior). In playing around to see what the Wiki "page" would do if I tried to log in, it immediately coughed up more of the JavaScript alert boxes no matter what I attempted to enter. Also, clicking on any links on the "page" resulted in an Opera error message about "unsupported address type."
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