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Albany, GA
reply to Os

Re: Comparing to Pet food is bad journalism

said by Os:

Some video providers have no interest in providing deals. I think this is largely a myth unless you live in a FiOS/u-Verse area.

The last time I called Atlantic Broadband to see what specials were available, they told me to drop my internet speed. I was paying $150+/month for TV, internet and phone, and I didn't even have a cable box.

about a year ago my promo on phone with mediacom expired, went from $10/mo to $50/mo, called them up and asked if they could put me back on the promo. answer? "no" told them if they didnt i would switch my phone service to another line on my cell phone and get voice mail included for just $10, could they match it, because once i did it i would "not" be switching back, the answer? "no"

a week later i was set up and ready to switch, called customer retention and explaind what i was going to do and wanted to know if they could put me back on the $10/mo promo. answer? "no" i asked them to note on my account right then that i would be porting out in 7 days as per notice requirement.

7 days later i ported my number out. one month later i start getting crap in the mail about coming back for $9.95/month for a year! even had a dude come to my door and ask me to get their phone service. told him exactly what i went thru and said hey, if you want to pay the $300 etf, and give me that $9.95 for 2 years as per my cell contract will talk, other wise, leave. he left.

point is, some companies dont want to do jack until you follow through on what you say youl do and frankly with all of the problems i had, i will "never" switch my phone back to mediacom.