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[HN9000] Modem keeps disconnecting Lan.

Linux Mint 13 KDE edition, HN9000.

Service has been been for a couple of days now and I thought it was just the usual Hughesnet random connection issues. Well this evening I noticed the modem LAN light would go off for a few seconds and stay on for around ten(times varied of course). So I unplugged from router and plugged directly into the modem from my computer. Same thing but now I get a connected/disconnected message in KDE now nearly constantly now.

I've tried swapping cables, taking router out of the loop(as mentioned already) and still same result. Here is some output from mtr:

I really hate calling tech support since I don't have access to a windows box and I'm sure they will attribute the issue to Linux. Does this sound like a failing modem? I've read some of the threads that sound similar to my issue and that was the answer that was given. This modem is around three years old I believe.

Thanks in advance!


Manville, NJ
I had this issue happen a year ago. It's the LAN port going bad on the modem. You'll have to call support and let them know so that you can be shipped out a replacement. Good luck calling, they can be difficult to work with at times, but remain firm and state that you did research online and the sporadic LAN light means the LAN port is failing on the modem.

One More Too

Galena, IL
reply to Soulsbane
Yep. It is a known issue with 9000 modems, and many here have reported the same problem with a failing LAN port. The top light on the front of the modem and the light on the back of the modem near the LAN connection should be constantly lit. If they are going off intermittently, that should be confirmation of what the problem is, and you should be able to use the fact that those lights are not staying lit constantly to help with getting support to replace the modem.

A Tech

reply to Soulsbane
Make sure you check your signal level, word power and such before jumping to the contusion that the LAN port is the only issue.


Thanks guys!

I checked the signal/pw also and it's fine. It's in the 170's/39 with a cloudy sky. Thanks again...now the fun part dealing with Hughesnet support!