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Thornhill, ON
reply to HarryH3

Re: Networking quickbooks - network quality.

said by HarryH3:

said by thender:

This made a decent time difference. If I search for a specific name before, I got something like 3:15 search time. By removing the switch from my office and connecting my office computer directly to a centralized, 16 port switch, it goes down to 2:16. If I remove the switch at the front and have that computer connected directly to my centralized switch, the search time for a first name like John in the customer list goes down to 1:54.

The problem? On the local back machine, that search takes all of thirty seconds. The machine that is hosting quickbooks has 16 GB of DDR3 1600 8-8-8-24 memory, an i7 3770 processor, a Z77 motherboard, an Intel 320 series SSD, with a fresh windows 7 install; and runs NOTHING but quickbooks and shiprush! It is not a bottleneck here.

I'm not familiar with QB, but this sure sounds like QB isn't running in a true client/server mode. Those speed differences make it seem that your local client is somehow performing the search across the network, instead of just telling the server to perform the search and then send the results to the client. Are there any config options that you can tweak in the app?

^^ This. Really sonds like QB is performing the search on the client. Horrible design. QB is a pig.

Screen tycoon
Brooklyn, NY
The thing is CPU usage spikes on the "server" when a search is done on the client machine. The cause of the spike is some quickbooks database exe file. The CPU spike is not on the client machine.