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Athens, GA
reply to JTY

Re: Youtube Buffers. Hulu does not. What gives, Charter?

said by Ricky Martin :

Youtube buffering always use its own mechanism for buffering videos, character is not even involve in buffering, so which concludes if you want to buffer your videos on your server than it should be optimized properly, and for your ease here is a links where you can get the idea of optimizing buffering: [ url deleted ] last time when i faced this problem, i found this link which helps me a lot...


I'd rather not buy and install software that 'tunes' my computer. They are generally a waste of time, often causing more crashes than they are supposed to fix.

said by JTY:

It's a Youtube issue. They have video servers all over the place. Depending on popularity of a video, it may not be widely distributed across their system. As well, they use GeoIP to find you the closest server to you, which is why it can be fine from one IP, but not from another.

I doubt it is a YT issue. As I said earlier, when I proxy into YT bypassing the usual Charter pipeline, streaming is pristine.

Because I'd tried several different name servers (Charter, OpenDNS, Google Public DNS) and still saw the same problem, I suspect the problem had to be with Charter. However, the problem seems to have since resolved. Streaming is now behaving properly on all machines in my house regardless of time of day or resolution.

I can hope that Charter scans these forums and resolves issues found here, but it seems unlikely that we'll ever find out how the issue resolved.

Thanks everyone for listening.