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Re: [TWC] need help troubleshooting connection

Your signals look OK, have you tried swapping the modem?


Honolulu, HI
yes i have swapped modems from a regular modem not a gateway i upgraded to a motorola surfboard sbg6580 and i swapped it for another one problem still persisted then i had a old linksys router and upgraded to linksys e4200 didn't fix it so i sent that back and bought a asus rtn56u cause my tech from road runner said that was the best router out there and should fix the problem so i got it and problem still persisted.....

i've noticed from further testing that i do lag offline so i'm thinking it could be more of a wiring problem like electrically? cause they have rewired the coax cable from the splitter to my room... or somethings wrong with the box cause i did notice we were having power outages quite frequent back when these problems would occur and also i would keep getting hit offline by people on the internet which is called DDosing i believe... it wasn't an assumption they would send me messages saying offline and i'd go off and stuff and threaten to send the swat team to my house lol for no reason just because i was doing good at a game i never had my mic in and only talked in party with friends and i guess they knew these hackers and they would do these things so i stopped joining parties but i guess my ip didn't change or somehow they got it... and also i noticed they did something to the drop on the street infront of my house so it could be some of these things that messed with it because before all of this happened it was fine and i had a old modem and router stock ones from the company and also my speed was a lot less... i upgraded to 50 down 5 up and it didn't help so i downgraded to 30down 5 up and didn't do anything so i'm just kinda thinking if all of this was done maybe it is some kind of wiring going wrong in my house with the box on the side cause i do get tons of Uncorrectables and Correctables like in the 230,000 range randomly....or maybe some problem with the house amps or wiring of the tvs and cable modem?? cause my tv cable boxes randomly shut off and reboot and go through all the L-number processes and channels go missing all the time... hope this helps i might even take a few pictures of the box outside and the wires coming out with the splitters


Honolulu, HI
reply to Fleeced
my new downstream power levels are at average of 4-6 on each 4 channels and on the upstream my power is at 50.1 but i rebooted it earlier and it already has uncorrectables at 50,000+ and uncorrectables at 10,000+ .... doesn't seem normal to me i never had numbers show up there when i use to check of that caliber the modem would be up for months before without restarting it and never even get into the hundreds... and i had a electrician come over today and say he doesn't think it could be wiring even tho i do lag offline... basically said my internet is only a whole separate coax line but i'm thinking it could be the box that it runs through the goes to the in side of the splitter that maybe something is causing noise... hence the high numbers of uncorrectables