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Elwood Blues
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reply to digitalfutur

Re: Any Canadian farmers care to comment?

I can't answer that question, but i do know that we can't keep modifying food the way we're doing to create large yields.

A book I read earlier in the year discussed how wheat has been so modified in the last 50yrs that it doesn't even come close to resembling what nature gave us.

The result is that its making people fat, where 50yrs ago, it didn't.
The same can be said with Corn,I watched a DOC called King Korn, and it showed how Corn has been so modified that it again doesn't resemble what nature gave us. The corn you buy frozen/in a can/fresh was never as "yellow" like it it today.

The biggest issue is that you can no longer plant anything without paying the agrochemical companies. Remember that lawsuit in Saskatchewan where some of the Monsanto modified canola migrated to his fields. Monsanto wanted $15/acre , he fought them all the way to the Supreme court, and won. All I can say is he must have been well bankrolled, because going up against Monsanto must have been very very expensive.»www.percyschmeiser.com/conflict.htm

Then we can start talking about modifying living creatures like salmon. So instead of addressing the issue of waste, global warming,etc these chemical companies modify the crap out of food, so that we produce MORE, requiring more resources such as water.

It's not "profitable" to address Global Warming, or waste, so lets make more.

Great solution.
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