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reply to Stem Bolt

Re: Astraweb automates DMCA removals

Yea I posted in that thread the part of the DMCA which pertains to Take Down requests and how they are handled. Stevef admits that they can't hire people to handle them so they do it pretty much through a bot or some other automatic process. Also the company responsible for these auto-take down requests is called The Morganelli Group. I won't post their link because I don't want these guys getting higher results on searches.

Anyway, on their website, it says this,

We have worked closely with several large providers to ensure our requests were handled swiftly. We have personally spoken with every major Usenet provider in the world through years of connections. We have assisted providers with API calls to ensure content has been removed promptly.
Later in the paragraph it says this,

With our connections, our team that monitors over 17 indexing sites

I have no problems with DMCA Take Down requests when done properly. What I do have a problem with, is the automatic take down of ANYTHING without review just because some company says so. That does not in anyway follow the DMCA guidelines for Take Down requests.

FYI, I dropped Astraweb because of this. They have every right to do whatever they want and delete files to their hearts content. Just like I have every right to take my business elsewhere.


I don't see it as bitching about some sort of entitlement. I see it as a total disregard for their customers in favor of some company. And the fact that they do not even follow DMCA guidelines for those Take Downs. Yea you are right, vote with your wallet, which I did.


I've got no problem with a customer lobbying - even aggressively - a company to change policies with which that customer disagrees. At least you gave Astraweb a chance to meet your needs before dumping them.

I also understand companies being scared of Clinton's fascist DMCA.

Astraweb is wrong for doing this. I hope they see it eventually.