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Six Gun Kid
Huntsville, AL

Current Customer?...Sorry but we have no deals for you

Coming up on the end of my one year Bundle Deal so I called to see how much my bill would be going up, 84.99 a month to 157.50 per month. I say OK, can you offer me any package deals that might lower this a bit so that I might stay with you. Sorry Sir they tell me, "we have several "Deals" but they are for New Customers only".

I say, so you careless if you retain me as a customer or not, "sorry sir but I only have a limited number of options available to customers in your position and I have already told you that since you are a current customer, my options are very limited".

Called Directv and signed up. If this is as far as their Customer Service Reps are will or able to go with current customers, don's see the retaining them long term.
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Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL
I have DirecTV now and am happy with them. But back when I had cable, I routinely jumped between comcast & knology for service. One would offer a deal, I'd sign up. When it ran out I move to the other. I ended up having 2 full systems setup so I could bounce between the 2 with no issue AND get the discounts.

Now I have D* for TV and K* just for internet.
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Columbus, GA
reply to Six Gun Kid
When I was planning to change to Charter (due to advertised special) Knology was happy to meet their price for a year. Just glanced and still seems to be in effect. Too late for you though, since you've already jumped ship.


reply to Six Gun Kid
Going to keep the internet, they did not seem interested in keeping me as a customer. Now I am back with DTV and happy with the 170 HD Channels and much better picture quality. Some folks say not that much difference in the Mpeg2 vs the Mpeg4 but I say there is a big difference in picture quality. Forgot how good my 70" Samsung LED could look.


Madison, AL
reply to Six Gun Kid
Switching to DTV was a decision I am very happy with. I can't believe I payed so much for Knology HD as long as I did with what DTV provides. Now I would be loath to give up DTV. Unless Knology makes big changes to their pricing structure, the quality of their boxes, and the quality and quantity of their channels they simply can't touch DTV. I still have no intention of changing ISP's especially considering the speed I get being grandfathered into the old edge pricing structure. I just hope WOW doesn't start chipping away at the quality of our connections and services.