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Brook Park, OH
reply to Body Count

Re: Internet pricing questions

said by Body Count:

The longer you stay with a cable company, the higher price you will pay compared to everyone else.

They don't go by loyalty.. just so you know. They figure the longer you've been with them, the harder it would be for you to switch companies. Who wants to change their email after five years of having it? They know this and will push the price up as much as they can until it hits the breaking point which is the call you give them. Then and only then will they lower it again.

Every cable company is this way, not just WOW.

I don't use WOW's email service or newsgroups, making it all the easier for me to switch . It's been years since I last posted anything to a Usenet group (that I can remember anyways), thanks to DSLReports, HowardForums, AVS Forums, the various automotive owner/enthusiast sites and others that have largely replaced Usenet as a place to read and participate in discussions computer, cell phone, audio/video automotive, home and other topics/issues.