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London, ON
reply to technocar2

Re: Bloor phub - Terrible connection

Well, I mean we have to admit this is getting just friggin' ridiculous with Rogers.

Here's this poor guy paying good money for internet and getting diddley squat in return, guys are buying the iPhone 5 and turns out a lot of Rogers so called footprint can't support LTE yet Rogers is advertising the stuff like they're the king of the LTE network and here's us in London with the world's crappiest upload speeds, not even close to what we're paying for and then there's Rogers selling dogcrap PVRs that are driving unsuspecting customers up the wall and to top it all off we have to mention the new Hitron Gateway disaster.

I mean, how long is this going to go on? What Rogers is doing now is just ripping and thieving from everyone.......this is just getting to the point of Criminal Consumer Fraud....