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Dubuque, IA

[IA] High ping/slow connection with new SB6121

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Signal Levels
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PingPlotter Report
1. A description of the problem. (i.e. lost connection, slow speeds, high pings, etc.)
- We have been having issues with our internet on and off since about 3 months after we got it in 2009, and recently determined that one of the issues might be the modem we were renting from Mediacom (it would reset quite often, sometimes with only 15 minutes of uptime between resets) and we had several technicians out to look at it and our service over the years with mixed results (Some said our signal was too low, some said too high, some suggested a signal booster, another removed it, all of them switched out our splitter from the drop, etc.) and the issue was never fixed for more than a month or two before it started right back up again. Rather than continuing the $5/m rental of the modem, we opted to purchase our own (SB6121 which, while no firmware is available from Mediacom, I have seen it is quite often used and suggested and does work on Mediacom's network)
- Initially after installing the modem, everything looked great. We were getting our 20/2 as we should and everything was going great. For about 3 days. Now, what we are seeing is a very high pingrate and very slow connectivity to our first hop outside the network, with short bursts where everything will work fine.

2. Give a description of any home networking setup you may have. (i.e. router make/ model, hubs, adapters, etc.)
- Typical setup: SB6121 modem -> Asus RT-N56U -> Systems
- Testing setup: SB6121 modem -> Direct link to system using DHCP

3. Modem make, model and firmware version.
Model Name: SB6121
Vendor Name: Motorola
Firmware Name: SB612X-
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot(25CLK) 1.0.12.
Hardware Version: 5.0
Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Firmware Build Time: Dec 21 2010 15:52:06

4. Signal levels found at » if applicable.

5. A speed test from DSLR.

6. A Line Quality test from here. Please copy & post the URL in the red box! This could take a while, so you might run this first.
Line Quality Test

7. Which operating system you use? Windows 98/98SE/ME/2K/XP, etc.
Windows 7 (Issue experienced on Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone, game consoles, etc.)

8. Is the problem constant, intermittent, or does it occur at a specific time of day? If it is an intermittent problem, a 24hr smokeping is recommended.
- This issue is intermittent in that it comes and goes from one second to the next (as shown in the above Line Quality Test) but happens 24/7.

9. Include any firewall and/or anti-virus software you have installed and what version you have.
- N/A (Cross platform issue that occurs after getting out of the local network for both incoming and outgoing packets)

Also, here is a PingPlotter report:

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
Johnathon, I will be happy to look into the issues you are having. Can you IM me your account or phone number?