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San Jose, CA
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Re: Three Strikes Policy

said by CappinHoff:

As for proof, they have your IP address and your mac address. Since you can't change macs(only clone them) and your IP has a record to where and who it was used with, that's pretty good evidence.

My former ISP is planning to participate in "Six Strikes". But I never pirated MPAA/RIAA stuff, so that wasn't a worry. But their 150GB cap, with $10 per 50GB overage was over the top; so I fired them.

My current ISP has no caps/overages, and will not be participating in "Six Strikes". In fact, the CEO has posted that their customer TCP/IP data retention policy is two weeks, max.

Alas, for those maybe interested, they only cover the S.F. Bay Area, and parts of Southern California; and only in the AT&T footprint.
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