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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to Mele20

Re: [FireFox] Mozilla support pages and Plugin container?

said by Mele20:

said by MarkRH:

I go to »support.mozilla.org/en-US/home with only the Flash plug-in enabled and the plugin-container.exe does not start. So, if Flash is your only enabled plug-in then it shouldn't start. Although, I am using FF 15.0.1 and I may not be going to the same URL you are.

On that page you went to click on a link such as this link:
»support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/fla···-firefox. Plugin Container wants to start. I don't allow it and it took 48 seconds for that page to then load at 1KB/sec. There is nothing in that article that requires Flash Player.

Ok, that page does start the Plugin Container and the 2 Flash processes. Looks like one of the JavaScripts on that page is causing it because if I disable JavaScripts in Tools > Options > Content then the Plugin Container does not start with the Flash plug-in enabled. Perhaps it's gathering information about what plugins/versions are installed on your system (which would seem like a legitimate thing to do.)

If I enable or disable Flash the page loads quick. But, I'm not trying to block the Flash processes from starting either.

Hilo, HI
Thanks for explaining what appears to be happening.

I disagree that it is acceptable for Mozilla to snoop on me just because I want to read a Mozilla support page. Unless I have called a support page that has to do with plugins Mozilla has no need to know what plugins I have. Plus, the proper thing would be for Mozilla to simply ask me what plugins I have not start Plugin container and two Flash Processes to check on my plugins. If Mozilla gave me a popup on the support page and said we need to know what plugins you have to help troubleshoot your problem...ok...except that is a generic support page NOT a mozilla help forum! There is NO REASON for Mozilla to try and start Plugin Container and Flash Player on those pages.

No wonder I have several versions of Fx, and a bunch of versions of Opera, and several versions of Sea Monkey, and even IE. I can always read the Mozilla support pages on Opera 10 or an early 11 version. No wonder that I always have at least two browsers running on the Host machine and usually have two or more runnng on a virtual machine and they are different versions from one machine to another.
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