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Re: Comparing to Pet food is bad journalism

said by ke4pym:

said by Kearnstd:

First off one can stock up a month of pet food for less than a cable bill. Second the cable TV never goes on sale and has coupons. So even as the food prices go up, one can shop smartly and still get more for less of a good name brand.

With Cable and Telco services one can only get more services or less services and the price swings accordingly, You cant go to the cable office with coupon and get two premiums for the price of one.

That's not /quite/ entirely true. If you're not calling up your video provider at least 2 times a year to see if there are any special packages that you may be eligible for, you're doing yourself a disservice.

I'm always getting some kind of discount. Even if it is just $5 here or $5 there. Still a discount.

First off, that's a total crock to have to call and beg for those "specials" every few months. If they can give you a set price for a year or 2, make THAT the regular freaking price, period!

Secondly, if the business is ran as stupidly as Charter is, where they no longer allow ANY specials for current customers, and in fact, they are not even allowing customers to keep their own modems anymore, and they have only 2 HSI tiers, you are totally f***ed again!

So, the only "disservice" here, is the disservice the cable/Telco's provide!!
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