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The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
reply to bburley

Re: UBNT 900mhz again

A single chain client will require more time slots than a dual chain one. But it's also relevant to signals too.

So there is nothing wrong with 1x1 clients with good signal. For example I'd prefer a 900 loco with external antenna 1x1 with a great signal before I'd leave it using 2x2 with a weak signal, as that affected capacity more.

Use the priority setting too. Set lower clients to none and good ones to medium or high.

I have a lot of both mixed 1x1 and 2x2 on MIMO rockets with lots of customers and still get good throughput. I even have great performance on mixed legacy/M series airmax.

Could be just that I don't offer anything over 3 Mbps and or I don't have APs with high customer (more than 40) density. .?
OptionsDSL Wireless Internet


Cold Lake, AB
I did lower the priority with the 1x1 clients with Yagis but then I started to think that if the AP did get congested, those clients would suffer first.

I am also using 5MHz bandwidth for improved distance and noise immunity which lowers the total AP capacity. In the past, with different and older 900 AP's, I have watched customer demand for bandwidth increase to the point of congestion. I wanted to avoid this scenario with the UBNT gear at all costs.

I am not sure where the point of congestion will be or if I will ever reach it, but it is a very competitive world and losing customers will cost more than the upgrade to Rockets and Dual-Pol Yagis.