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Richmond Hill, ON
reply to rickkwa

Re: Teksavvy in Markham, Ontario

Cable is better in my opinion. It's more reliable, usually faster, slightly better latency. I've had Teksavvy Cable 28 since the beginning of August - haven't had any problems. Speeds are a little inconsistent sometimes but nothing I wouldn't consider good. The speed boost (download faster than normal for a few seconds) that you also see on Rogers is there so that also is a pro over DSL.

Regarding customer support there's a Teksavvy Direct forum here. They were pretty good about helping me when I was getting the service up and running but I've never had any problems with the service so that was the extent of my interaction with them.


Thanks for the reply. You say that sometimes the speed is inconsistent. How often is that 'sometimes' and how much will the speed drop.


Richmond Hill, ON
Just the speed will fluctuate between 800 to 3200 K/s when on Rogers it wouldn't do that. It isn't a problem for "serious" downloading as you can still max out the speed using multiple simultaneous connections but it is noticeable to me on a service where that isn't possible e.g. downloading from Dropbox