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Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA
reply to thewisperer

Re: shopping mall want's wifi

We use Ruckus gear on all deployments of this size..

said by viperm:

We use Ruckus gear on all deployments of this size..

do you use their controllers and Flexmaster? ooh another learning curve

Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA
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We use the Zone controller units from the smallest ZD1106 which supports up to 6 Access points license upgrade to support more if needed.

Its really easy I mean REALLY easy to get it up and running.

1. Login into the IP given by DHCP
2. Wizard starts up asks you to set a password.
3. Asks you to set a WLAN (configuration for SSID, Encryption etc.)
4. once it does this it saves and its ready to go. If you need to change IP login back in and change in the network settings.

5. Plug in your AP'S into the same subnet / network
6. You will see them show up in the controller and they will literaly auto configure based on what you set up when you set up the Zone controller.
7. If you want to update to the latest firmware you download from their website and upload to the controller, the controller reboots and then detects all your AP's and checks their firmware if its not whats on the controller the controller goes and pushes out the firmware it has loaded also to the Ap's and reboots them. Everything is now current.

If you want to do more detailed like web portal redirection etc its really not that hard.

Once you do it once each new AP you install on the net it auto configures itself based on what settings you have configured in the controller.

It has saved us countless hours in configurations, management and troubleshooting.

I can set one up minus mounting the AP's but programming a controller and 6 Ap's in less then 30 min with them hooked to a POE switch..

ComTrain Certified Tower Climber.
Wireless and IT consultant.
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