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Dover, DE
reply to sofakng3

Re: Does Comcast offer self-install for TV service?

the same line can, but most places dont use the same line, cause resi and business at the same address will have two seperate accounts, so you would/should have a second line run for your resi service.

also not all places hand out cable cards too.
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Kingston, PA
Hmmm, are you sure about that?

The last time I tried Comcast residential TV, I still had business internet and the tech told me they rarely (basically never) run a second line to split the services because it's coming from the same spot on the pole anyways.

I really would rather a second line run so it's being split at the pole and not inside the house but oh well.

I also spoke with somebody else at Comcast and they said that they definitely DO offer self-install kits in my area so I'll probably go check it out tomorrow. I'm hoping to do a Dish vs Comcast comparison...

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Depending on local policies / plant design, you may get a second drop, or you may not.

The big problem is businesses taking advantage of lower residential rates. They usually will not install Residential services in a business address (which you are since you have biz class HSI), without a tech and a site survey to show it's a home business without public viewing. You will need to have a tech, no real way around it.

Depending on how long you have had the Biz HSI, your video service may be trapped out at the pole as well, which would require a tech to remove.
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Quakertown, PA
reply to sofakng3
Around her you ALWAYs get a second line. Im guessing you had a lazy tech.


Kingston, PA
Well... I'm getting a new installation (right now I only have business internet) on Friday and was told by my local office that I couldn't use self-install because my line was disconnected.

Maybe they did install a tap, but on the same line as my cable modem I receive my local channels in clear qam and my HDHomerun (with TSreader software) lets me tune to several encrypted QAMs so I think I'm already hooked up but regardless they are forcing a tech to come to my house on Friday.

We'll see how it goes!