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[General] Anyone use Clear in the Watauga Texas Area?

I'm having major problems with Charter, Verizon is available but very expensive. I was considering putting a directional antenna up and using clear since it is only $50 / mo. But I was curious if anyone can chime in on the service in the area. I'm showing to be covered in-building but I'm very close to the border and 4G Wi-Max on my Sprint hotspot is not great inside the house. Hence the external antenna.


I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
I would highly recommend FIOS over Clear. I have heard a lot of bad reviews about Clear. I have FIOS and it is great, plus it has no caps!

Raleigh, NC
reply to ChCoHa
Unfortunately, Clear is much like satellite internet... avoid whenever possible. There are hundreds of things that affect clearwire's WiMax service. Even if you're deep in a dark green area of their map, the signal may be crap for any number of reasons. The maps are generated (mostly) by drawing circles around towers, completely ignoring terrain and surroundings. And then there's the issue of connectivity for the tower you're using -- in many cases, the backhaul is insufficient for the number of users, and they have very little control over how many people connect to a tower. ("MiFi"s, usb sticks, and cellphones move around.) And what works today may be broken in a week.

I'd like it to work. However, the company is far to cash-less to fix many (any?) of the problems.


Dallas, TX
reply to ChCoHa
I'm in North Dallas eagerly awaiting day I can dump Clear w/o etf for cable. For streaming video in hd hulu, netflix or youtube clear is UNRELIABLE!

June 20, 2013 can't get here soon enough.

happy clear
Some evenings I stream hulu or Netflix or Amazon for three hours and I have no problems on Clear. I've had service since the first week they opened in December 2004 and there have been only four or five outages, after thunderstorms. Clear isn't bad. Clear is just fine.

reply to ChCoHa
Thanks everyone for your input. I think the responses I got were an accurate representation of the public. For most (but not all people) Clear is not reliable enough OR it just doesn't handle what they need. But for a few it is a good fit.

Well, for what it may be worth for anyone who is reading the thread, I did sign up for Clear. Paid a little over $100 for 1st months service + modem + shipping. Got in in 2 business days and had it up and running within minutes.

LONG story short, I sent it back in 5 days. I took the time to look up where the 4G towers were in my area. The nearest one was actually facing my garage exterior wall which was convenient as that's where my modem was. I also took the time to "tune" the modem turning it about 10 degrees and waiting 15 - 30 seconds until I was sure that I got the best signal. Which turned out to be all 5 bars. I also mounted it up almost against my ceiling which put it above the exterior brick line. I got regular speeds of 10 M/bit down and bursts up to 19 M/bit down. Upload was 3-4 M/bit up regularly.

I did not have any problems streaming video (arguably the most bandwidth intensive test) to ONE (1) computer. BUT internet speeds, just browsing, to any other device on my network was highly impacted during that time.

Ping times were ok 60s - 90s. But not nearly as good as Charter / Verizon. But this is to be expected of a wireless internet service.

If I was a bachelor, AND NOT an IT professional that regularly is working on multiple devices simultaneously, then Clear would not be a bad choice.

But in a world where I can get 30 down / 5 up from Charter for $29.99 / month ($45 regularly), Clear can't compete. Especially now that Charter has (partially) repaired some issues in the area affecting my service.

I have to hand it to Clear though. They sure do have a streamlined system. And I got absolutely NO guff from them when I told them I wanted to return it. After a 30 second explanation of the above (in lay-terms) they emailed me a label and refunded 100% of my money, which is refreshing these days.

Thanks again everyone and happy surfing!