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Hampton Bays, NY
reply to cablewizzard

Re: interesting bug discovered with the new guide

said by cablewizzard:

Interesting corner case - and I am curious how you ran into it (e.g.: what "regular user behavior" triggered it?) - the effort to reproduce it reliably must have been considerable.

Do I understand that right: you expect CC to continue once you hit EXIT out of the guide to quit the guide, but it doesn't. Does CC return if you un-mute and re-mute after that?

Is there a timely dependency between the channel change (to a CC'd channel like 13) and pressing the GUIDE button? E.g.: this doesn't happen if there's more than, say: 2s between those 2 button presses?

For lack of any other info I've seen to report new UI issues, it'd probably be best to report this bug via the direct forum.

after the upgrade, i went through all the settings on the box and set them to my liking.
i noticed the closed captions displaying random times i accessed the guide, so i paid more attention to figure out what i was doing that was activating them and came up with the steps to reproduce it, the effort to reproduce this wasnt considerable.
theres no time constraint, you can be on any channel, change the channel to another channel and wait all day until you press the guide, the CC still activates but if you EXIT the guide and press guide again after the first time, the CC doesnt appear anymore unless you change channel again.
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