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Dish Network and Comcast Internet on one Coaxial Cable

Recently I had the Disk Network Hopper and 3 Joeys installed at my house. The joey in my computer room shares a cable with my Comcast cable internet service. I never had a problem running my satellite tv and cable internet through the same coaxial cable until now. Prior to switching to Disk Network, I had Directv and it worked fine sharing a coaxial cable with my Comcast cable internet. I had a 5/2150 2-way splitter combining the signals at the junction box on the outside of my home and another 5/2150 2-way splitter separating it at the outlet in my computer room.

The Disk Network technician tried this same hook up using 2 Holland 5/2150 HFS-2D splitters and it does not work. The satellite signal comes through fine, but the cable internet will not work. When I connect it with using the old splitters that worked when I had Directv, which is an Aska 5-2150 Diplexer on the combining end and a Holland DPD2 5-2150 on the splitter end, the Comcast internet signal comes through fine, but the satellite does not work.

I would really like to run the satellite and cable internet through the same coaxial cable. Do I need a special signal combiner/splitter?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I would probably run a separate line for the cable modem. I would look into a bundle with Comcast because they have some sweet deals on bundles. I had DirecTV a few years ago and found it cheaper to buy a bundle through Comcast than it was to buy the standalone services through separate providers.
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It has never been a good idea to run satellite and digital cable/internet on the same line. I would highly recommend running them on separate lines.


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The hopper uses frequencies in the CATV band (42-900MHz) to communicate between the rooms. You can't mix in Comcast and expect to have this work. DirecTV and Dish Network without Hopper only uses 1.2GHz to 2.1GHz so you could mix in the CATV signals without issue.


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Currently got that Joey hooked up on wireless. It works ok, but sometimes it hangs.

Guess I'll be googling "how to run an additional line".

You guys are great, thanks for the help.

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Concur, except now with SWiM and DirecTV, they use the old UHF frequencies for the MRV and Sharing aspects of the system as well... They can't diplex with cable internet anymore unless its a "true" legacy system; i.e. Basic, non-HD, non-SWiM setup. Even then, a competent installer (who cares about installing faield service) is going to be hesitant to do that too...
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