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Re: Does anyone else smell another Sprint-Nextel catastrophe?

That could make Sprint a ton of money and kill data speeds (they're already horrible I doubt any more load is a good idea) for a lot of Sprint customers. I could see it working out if Sprint was given some PCS Spectrum in the markets where Metro has it. Sprint would have to rush to deploy some sort of AAV or just go forth and push fiber and network vision to all of the towers in the markets where the bulk of their customers are i.e. native coverage.


Austin, TX
They already have Network Vision online in DFW, NYC and LA...or parts of it anyway.


DFW's progress is a joke, NYC is getting there... It's not exactly going quick by any means but it's still making more progress than DFW IIRC. LA has tons of towers so this market will take some time. Then you have Florida, and Michigan one of which is underway (Florida) but I have yet to see any actual numbers/completed sites. I know work in Florida is being done, tons of reports of it to show that, but nothing has gone live as far as I can see.