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Martinsburg, WV
reply to lunanox315

Re: 100kps Download Speed - Nothing Can Be Done?

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Here is the tracert for tonight. I can't even get Speedtest to load and according to my phone's speedtest my internet is running at 103 kbps down.


Shepherdstown, WV
Well, if it makes you feel any better we lost the whole internet this evening around 7:10pm EDT. I have a big, fat, red light on the modem at the moment with zero connectivity. Not sure if some piece of equipment crapped out somewhere or maybe a there's a physical line break somewhere.

Anyway, I'll check again in the morning and if it's still down, I'll do a trouble ticket when I get home from work. I can't stomach the kabuki theater of modem checking this evening. Just can't do it. For now -- like most evenings -- I use the cellular modem.

I only mention this to let you know we're seeing similar, if not worse, problems each and every day. BTW, I'm outside of Shepherdstown and the problem is persistent with my community so I know it's not just my house.


I live in the Bunker Hill area and have been having this same issue for the last few weeks... I'm lucky if I can get ANY web page to load from 7pm-2am. Lucky if I get 100-200kbps during this time, with average ping around 300. Tech came out this past Monday and said "Its just more congestion at the CO in Martinsburg again".

Having to use my cellular modem to do my job makes things incredibly difficult...

Anyone know who we can contact in executive affairs to get this resolved?