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Bloom County
reply to Insight6

Re: DSLR Avatars; Telephone Customer Service Representatives

There is a 'standard' for avatar size???? Not that I have ever heard of and when I was a mod for a website there were zero 'standards' for avatars and signatures - it all boils down to the owner of the site.

If you want outlets for creativity - then we have digital imaging forum and an avatar forum.

Sorry - but I think larger avatars won't do a thing to help your or anyone else's creativity. After all - there are a zillion other sites were creativity is the backbone of the site.

"The question you and others that share the view the current size is fine should be asking the SERIOUS question why aren't the members offered the 100x100 or 120x120 size. DSLR should provide a SERIOUS answer of substance to that question. "

I don't even think your issue to be serious - till you own the site.

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