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Kent, WA
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BIOS can't detect or see HD & CD drive yet Win7 can see both

For some weird reason I can't figure out my motherboards BIOS can't detect both my 2TB hard drive and BDXL Blu-ray drive. Yet Windows 7 is able to see both of them just find without any problems what so ever. I don't get any error messages from the BIOS when I turn my computer on. it's in the BIOS under the section where it shows you your list of drives installed but the list is completely empty and show me that no drives are installed. Do I have a defective motherboard or is this a normal operation of the motherboard itself.

Belleville, IL
Seems this issue was discussed in your other topic. In any case, if it were defective, it wouldn't be working.
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Mountain View, CA
reply to floydb1982
Chances are your system has AHCI enabled, and the MB manufacturer (thus "BIOS authors") chose not to implement tie-ins to AHCI for the BIOS interface bits.

The AHCI option ROM would be handling all the I/O to any SATA-attached drive, which explains how 1) you're able to boot off the hard disk, and 2) that Windows sees either device.

For example, I have a couple boards where the BIOS list "No device" for all SATA-attached drives when the controller is set to AHCI mode, while in IDE mode the BIOS lists all the attached drives. The AHCI option ROM device probe does show devices in the former case. Likewise, after POST but before booting, boot device selection changes as well depending on if AHCI or IDE mode is selected, especially for optical drives. (I can take a screenshot of this if you'd like, but it would probably just confuse you even more)

The motherboard manufacturer may have chosen to not display an AHCI device probe screen during option ROM load. That's their right/choice.

If all this truly bothers you, or the answers don't suffice (i.e. too speculative rather than factual), contact the motherboard manufacturer. They are the only ones who will be able to tell you without a doubt if this is normal or not. My general opinion mirrors that of Dogg See Profile.
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Kent, WA

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You don't need to take a screen shot picture of this for me to look at. This AHCI option ROM your talking about is making me more confused than before.