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reply to Cthen

Re: DSLR Avatars; Telephone Customer Service Representatives

said by Cthen:

So in other you mean that you would like to express even further to everyone here that you are a bigot, racist, and wish slavery was still around? Am I perceiving your expression correctly by the current expression in your avatar?

You need even more than one other previous poster to study or learn the psychological concept and in your particular case the affliction and influence of "projection."

Slavery is and was the most heinous crime committed by man against man over time.

I'm not a bigot. I even tolerate illogical bigoted ingnorant rants like yours coming out of nowhere--even when based upon a wild imagination, hostility, and historical ignorance. In fact there is zero basis anywhere in this thread for you to make such a post not to mention one that is completely off topic and a blatant trolling attempt. I know you aren't trying to start a blatant flame war becasue you lack the ammunition in a variety of categories.

All people as a class including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, or global location are completely equal in their worth as humans or persons. There is no difference. We all are of equal worth and value.

Dude, get some help.


Detroit, MI
·Verizon Wireless..

So wait here, your getting all bent out of shape over that saying there is no fact? Despite the fact of what the pic of your avatar usually tends to represent? (Which is out here in the wide open)

It's ok, I see this all the time around the internet. No one will agree with you, point out your flaws in what you said, then you pretend that you might actually know something. Let me guess, you get long winded with phone reps too when you don't get what you want?
"I like to refer to myself as an Adult Film Efficienato." - Stuart Bondek



Dude, get some help. Really man.