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reply to La Luna

Re: In Cyberattacks on Banks, Evidence of a New Weapon

i saw where someone speculated that the ddos attacks may have been used to cover up other nefarious activity..

if someone had all of these servers hacked, with malware that was undetectable, as the article says, it doesn't really make sense that they would expose their malware, and that the servers had been hacked, just for a ddos attack, which wouldn't do much, the way that i see it..

i have wondered if it might have been an extortion scheme, where people wanted money from the banks in exchange for freeing up their networks..

i suspect that there is more to this story and i want to know what the rest of the story is.. i also would like to hear more about the supposedly "undetectable" malware on the servers..

on the other hand, the person, or persons, responsible for the ddos attacks could have been trying to do something good by exposing the vulnerability of the cyberworld, today, so that something would be done to improve things.. that is a possibility..

there is one good thing, hearing all these stories about problems relating to malware, and that is that we can hope that there are people who are taking countermeasures to combat the problem..

also, hopefully politicians will become aware of the problem and, so, governments will use their resources to try to combat the problem..

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said by redwolfe_98:

... also, hopefully politicians will become aware of the problem and, so, governments will use their resources to try to combat the problem.

Please excuse my cynicism, but if "politicians will become aware of the problem", their "solutions" (without exception) will involve massive pork-barrel expenditures funded by new taxes and licensing fees, coupled with all manner of costly and restrictive registration, record-keeping and regulation. None of it will work as expected, though the distortions it introduces will remain forever, and the end result will be worse than the current situation. All politicians can do, by nature, is attempt to use policy and legislation to restrict and control - they cannot truly create anything. What is needed are creative, sound, scientific, technically-consistent solutions to the problem, incorporated by those in the field because they know it will work. And such solutions will never emanate from either politicians or governments.
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