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Hilo, HI

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reply to Rob

Re: DSLR Avatars; Telephone Customer Service Representatives

said by Rob:

said by Insight6:

You aren't asking the question or any question, you are just assuming facts not in evidence, wildly speculating, and compensating for your puny avatar. (Insert good-nature sticking out tongue smilie--also not available.)

Having been a member for over a decade, your question about larger avatars has been brought up more times than I can count.. and the outcome is the same.. us regular members are OK with the current layout.

Where did you get that idea? You notice I don't have an Avatar and I am a Premium member. I hate the tiny size and have said so many times but there is not much point in voicing opinions here regarding the site itself because ONE person makes the decisions here and that person sometimes listen to what members want but other times ignores what many want. But that is OK because this is a site that is owned by one person. It is Justin's personal site and as the sole owner he can, and does, do as he pleases. Our choices are to accept his decisions.

Not only do I not have an avatar because they are way too tiny, but also I have chosen to NOT see any avatars here so I have no idea what any of you have. I'd like to see other's avatars but not tiny ones. I prefer to see NONE rather than see tiny ones. I also don't like how they are sitting incorrectly in the author column ...they are cockeye a bit and Justin did that also deliberately. So, for both reasons I decided to stop seeing avatars shortly after "I See People" became available to members here. I like I See People because it saves me other irritation that is in the author column because while this site resides in the USA the owner is not from the USA thus we see weird renditions of the date of joining, etc in the author column instead of what USA citizens are accustomed to seeing. So, with I See People I can not have to see any of that instead of how it should be that date and time is seen according the member's accustomed method (set in our profile) or site default which should be USA method since the site in in the USA.
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