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Re: Voice service no backup battery?

said by Phatty:

said by Keefer21:

its pointless to have a cable modem with battery back up, Most of the time the power inducer for the cable trunk is right in the neighborhood so when the power goes out your modem is happy and ready to go but not getting a signal because the trunk amplifiers are no longer getting power. with the exception something disconnecting the power drop just for your house, Most of the time the battery backup is pointless.

cell phones have been known to crap out as well in large scale outages too.

If your that worried about it... get a iridium sat phone with prepaid minutes and leave it in your closet?

I have never lost cable tv/internet during a power outage, and during long power outages I have seen generators hooked up to the different boxes on the telephone pole. So I assume that means Charter has some sort of batteries/power sources that keep their remote equipment up, then the generators get called in when those start to run low on juice.

I don't believe that even for a second!! The part about you having NEVER lost cable tv/internet, that is.
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Hilton, NY
Thats quite hard for me to believe also, Ive worked for both telco & cable, never After wind storms, Car accidents Or Ice storms did we ever roll out back up power to outside plant equipment.. even on protected circuits for local courts and schools, but then again.. Frontier & Time warner are not really the best at dealing with outages or caring about customers.. at least when i was a employee but i still find it hard to believe.

Jp16 has a great idea, Plus UPS batteries are replaceable & last a hell of a lot longer than the tiny shit china batteries im sure the modem manufacturer uses.