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Lea Massiot

reply to Lea Massiot

Re: VPN between two Cisco 887VA devices

Hello and thank you for your answer.
aryoba wrote: I never like the idea of having interface as default gateway since it potentially creates unnecessary ARP broadcast which may slow down your connection. Why can't you just use IP address as default gateway?
Are you talking about "interface Dialer 0" in "ip nat inside source list 1 interface Dialer0 overload"?

If you are, the public IP is "negotiated" with the ISP... so... how should I proceed?

I've seen configuration examples such as:
ip nat pool ovrld prefix 24
ip nat inside source list 7 pool ovrld overload

Is it what I should do?

Can you please precise what you meant to say?

Thank you and best regards.

You can check out the following's FAQ to set default route for Internet traffic
»Cisco Forum FAQ »Configuring router with integrated ADSL modem running PPPoA

For the rest of static routing, it should be something like this

Router 1
ip route

Router 2
ip route

As a note, the VLAN 2 I believe only has two hosts which are Routers 1 and 2. However the VLAN 2 subnet mask is /24, which is kind of waste a lot of IP address. Is there a reason why you can't set the subnet mask of /30 or /31 instead?

Lea Massiot

Gateway remark: Ah ok, if it's better I can indeed replace "Vlan2" with "" in "ip route Vlan2" on "Router1" for instance.

Subnet mask remark: Well, same here I can change the subnet mask from /24 to /31 in "interface Vlan2 ip address".

But obviously, these two things are not responsible for the VPN not to work and I'm still struggling with that split tunnel issue...

Best regards.