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Shrinking Time and Distance
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reply to drew

Re: [iPhone] Bigger Fail Than Maps ...

said by drew:

No issues with the Apple BT keyboard on my iPad 1.

I actually use a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad 1, no joke. It works perfectly, although I've had to "discover" which of the modifier keys (Control, Alt, etc.) had which function on iOS.

When it comes to input lag and other weirdness with the keyboard, I've found almost every time that it comes down to the app I'm using. QuickOffice, for example, is completely unusable with a BT keyboard on the iPad 1 due to massive input delay. DocumentsToGo, on the other hands, works great. The WordPress app used to get extremely laggy once you'd typed more than 3 or 4 paragraphs but I haven't had that problem with the latest version(s) of it.

I've done a fair amount of word processing on the iPad with this keyboard and it's mostly been quite acceptable.
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