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King Of Prussia, PA
reply to UnnDunn

Re: October is here.. Are those dozen HD channels coming?!?!

said by UnnDunn:

said by ansky:

said by celticpride :

On top of that i just read an article where directv said they hope to carry ALL HD CHANNELS ONLY by 2016 NO MORE SD CHANNELS!!!

Good luck watching them. With signal loss every time it rains there is no way I would go back to satellite. I was at my uncle's house a couple weeks ago and a thunderstorm rolled in. They lost service for at least 15-20 minutes until the storm passed, and that was in the middle of a football game. No thanks.

Then the dish was aimed improperly. Yes, DirecTV is susceptible to weather, but in West Orange, a properly-aimed dish should get good signal (assuming relatively calm winds) though all but the heaviest rainstorms.

We had the DISH people out at TWICE to correct the problem and they never did fix it. And of course they charged us for each visit. It was professionally installed and calibrated (aimed or whatever you want to call it) and the problem was only fixed by getting rid of them. I'll never ever go back.
Verizon is becoming the new Comcast

Those .tv channels have got to go!!!!!!!!!!