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We Want... A Shrubbery
Hamilton, OH
reply to CylonRed

Re: [Auto] 2012 F1 season begins....

I wonder if this secures seats next year for Felipe and Kamui? They both drove great races. I'm not sure if Grosjean deserved the 10 second stop and go. Unfortunately, his tendency to be involved in Turn 1 "incidents" has him under the stewards' microscope.
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Bloom County
Well - according to Sauber - one race does not make Kamui's seat safe: »uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/podi ··· 828.html

Massa - seems even Alonso says it would make sense for Massa to stay. But then who would replace either driver? Heiki would go to Ferrari in a heart beat. He is talented but probably slower than Alonso. Alonso's only fear I would think is if Ferrari really does get Vettel (after 2013) or a young guy who starts putting heat on him. At least with Massa, Alonso knows he is faster.

I would like to see the in car from Webber - while it did lok a good bit like a bozai move - gotta wonder if Webber really slowed down as Steve Machett mentioned on Speeds coverage.

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