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Courtenay, BC

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Change log...

This is an update to address a number of performance, stability and security issues, as well as some added features.


Important performance regression fix. Both javascript and the layout engine should now have the speed and stability that is to be expected from an optimized browser.

Fix for the "tabs on top" menu entry not showing when tabs are already set on top, making it very difficult to switch them back to bottom.
Crash: Fix for a browser crash with certain types of invalid gradients. (bug #792903)
Security: Prevent private browsing data leakage through popup windows (bug #795015)
Security: Detect IC purging (bug #794025)
Security: Prevent mRules from dying in DoInsertHTMLWithContext (bug #788950)
Security: Drain the parent frame's overflow list before insert/append (bug #765621)


Redesigned the identity panel and the way secure sites are handled in the UI
You will now always get the favicon in the address bar, and on secure sites you will have an added padlock (indicating ssl, extended verification or a broken/insecure/mixed-content site) to the identity panel and colored shading around the URL to indicate the status. (see detailed changelog)
After evaluating the new address bar autocomplete algorithm, it is now switched on by default.
Added an option to easily switch address autocompletion on or off (see detailed changelog)
Partial implementation of Japanese "status bar" preferences text

More detailed change log at...»forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php ··· 1&t=1510

DL at...»www.palemoon.org/