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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to rbmoving

Re: [Tampa] All Cable Boxes Powered on

said by rbmoving :

Found all 3 of my Boxes Powered on this morning. I have Two 8742's and One 4640.

I did Re-Boot all boxes again after finding them on this morning....but what is the likelihood all 3 of my Boxes would start having this same issue at the same time......seems more likely a software or network issue? This now makes 2 times this has happened since 10/3/12.......

House haunted by some chance? Kids playing a trick on you? Power problems? RB you are the only instance of this I have heard of and having three boxes all doing it makes me think something else at your home is more likely the culprit.
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No kids in house; I do hope the house is not haunted!

Has happened twice, all after Software Upgrade...last time was last Thursday.

May have partial answer....watched my 8742 re-Boot just now......it went thru its normal display sequence.....but I saw a difference at the end. It went to the TIME then it Powered ON, then it went to 2d....and than my On-Channel which is 1009. So at this Point in the re-Boot process, my Box was ON. As I wrote, all 3 of my Boxes Re-Boot this way.

As I recall, Re-Boots prior to recent software changes stopped at the Time.....with the Box Powered Off.

Is it possible that the recent Software update has somehow been changed to where a re-Boot Powers on the Box at Re-Boot completion? if that is the case and my area incurred a momentary Power outage, that would cause the Boxes to re-Boot resulting in the Boxes Powered on following the re-Boot.

BHNtechXpert; re-boot a 8742 there and see if it completes at Power On or Off.