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Calabash, NC

[Anime] Gundam Unicorn - Anyone following?

Well, I played catch-up with this series last week, all of 5 episodes worth, but still, I had given up on it waaaay back @ #2, so, anyway, I picked it back up and caught up. #5 came out in June of this year. JUNE.

Remember when this series started, way back in June of 2010? It was supposed to come out one per month or 2? Then it was 4 months, then more...... then more... 2 years to get 5 episodes out!

When is #6 due you ask? Winter of 2013!!!! Holy frag no wonder why no one is following this series, because no one knows when the next one will be released! So why bother?

It's a pretty good Gundam series, it really is, even if Banagher is a whiny little bitch. I like the mobile suits, I like most of the characters, and it just LOOKS beautiful. I bought the 4 winged zaku model it looks so cool........ BUT...

There's slow story telling, then there's THIS. 2 years out to get 5 episodes, and half a year before the next one comes out! Horrible.

Those that read these boards and my anime rants know this is similar to what they are doing with the Yamato 2199 series. Release in theaters 4 episodes every 2 months, which each other month the release of the BD/DVD. Well, that's already missed the 2 month mark twice, gob forbid they fall into this sort of "Who the frag knows when it'll come out......." I don't know what I'd do.

Anyway, anyone here watching this, or rather, TRYING to watch this? What do you think of it?