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Suffern, NY
reply to ssavoy

Re: Data accuracy?

said by ssavoy:

I'm curious as to how accurate this demographic data is. Most people are on family plans - are they just using the name of the account holder? How would Verizon know personal information about other users on the account other than the account holder?

This is not a new phenomenon. Back in the 40s or 50s era Science Fiction author Isaac Asimov wrote a story about a computer system that was able to make predictions and was responsible for running the country (or it might have been the world - I forget) and answer any questions it was asked. It collected data and used it for its predictions/answers. As the story starts the computer issues a prediction that someone is going to destroy it and supplies a name of that person. The government arrest that person but that causes the odds of the actual destruction to go up. Just before the time of the predicted event, they discover that it was to be done by the son of the named person. Since the son was not yet 18, his reports were filed for him by his father and the computer was using the father's name for his reports in an effort to cause the son to do the destruction - The only reason the son was doing this was he was following instructions from the computer which wanted to commit suicide and the whole report was issued to cause the son to follow the orders.