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Boynton Beach, FL
reply to aaronwt

Re: Oh Verizon

said by aaronwt:

said by Mike:

"Your privacy is important to us.
At Verizon Wireless, we value you as a customer and we know how much your privacy means to you. This notice contains information on Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). Verizon Wireless needs your permission to share your CPNI within the Verizon family of companies to facilitate the offering of better service packages to you, and you have the right to opt out of such sharing. CPNI will not be shared with unrelated third parties. Please read this notice carefully."

So let's opt you in automatically, because we care.

They also give you instructions on how to opt out.

Bonus - right after they released these instructions the website interface was changed and the instructions were oddly never corrected.

Here is how to actually opt out.

under "I Want To"... "Click Manage Privacy Settings".

Uncheck one button at a time then click save.

Each number you change, you have to do the whole process again because you'll be opt'd in.

I don't want to opt out. I really don't care if they can track me. I have no problem with it.
If the data is used to tailor ads to me that would be even better. If I'm going to have to look at advertisements I would rather it be something I might be interested in.

I wouldn't want them using my data caps to do it though.