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Gulliver, MI

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reply to bobvick

Re: More than One DSL Line?

I have 2 lines and 1 of them is a Dry line and that works fine(have no dual wan router as it is not needed for us) Redundancy you say...then i would have another provider for the second line like cable or something.If 1 line goes out with DSL there is a 99% chance the other will go out as well at same time as that has happened more than once for us.(cut fiber etc.)

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR

I agree, if you want redundancy one line should be another ISP if possible, cable. Cable is usually a better choice as a whole than CL anyway. Atleast select CL as one ISP and another ISP for the 2nd DSL line.

When one DSL line of mine goes down, both DSL lines go down 100% of the time. The fault is always with CL, not the local ISP.

Also depending on your local DSLAM two DSL lines might not be much faster than a single DSL line, due to the DSLAM over sold.