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reply to andrewcfitz

Re: Fair warning! 3rd party purchase of U-verse IPDSLAM modem

said by andrewcfitz:

Will this one work? Or do I need an AT&T specific one?

»www.amazon.com/Motorola-2210-02- ··· 02KCNW2Y

Will it work for what?

The model number in the on-line ad does not explicitly say 2210-02-1ATT, and the image shows what appears to be the old silver case ATM based DSL modem (the 2210-02-1ATT modems that I have seen were black, but perhaps not all of them are). The somewhat vague description combined with some of the user feedback comments also seems to point to it being a standard ATM based DSL modem (and being one of the batch of 2210's that tended to self destruct). If that is so, then it would possibly work just fine if you connect it to a traditional ATM based DSL circuit (if it is not one of the "easy-bake" modems that cook themselves).

Unfortunately, Amazon is infamous for not posting the correct images for products that they sell, and for not fully disclosing exactly what model of any particular product is actually being sold. So unless you can get Amazon to fully identify the model number, there really isn't any way to know for sure other than buying one and seeing what is actually shipped.
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reply to David
He's wanting to use it for IPDSLAM, I don't think the silver modems have that capability. This one has the -1ATT at the end of it. Not saying the firmware might work but if you try it on there and brick the modem, then it's exactly that... a brick.